we all know how much changes when you have a child

but your style doesn't have to.

as a mom - we already sacrifice so much so why do we have to sacrifice style for function? I believe the two can co-exist as they do with our first addtion to the citymouse™ brand, the city mini sling diaper bag.

our philosophy

at our core, we believe less is truly more. form and function can co-exist and we want you to get the most out of every parenting piece you own from us. We aim to create pieces that can easily transtion from day to night. From playdates to the gym seamlessly and in the most stylish way possible. Taking you far beyond the parenting years with timeless and products that make you feel as cool as you are.


we have scoured for fabrics that are duable yet luxurious. Nylon woven from plastic bottles found polluting our oceans because like all moms, we are doing the best we can. Our style is clean and minimalist but our products withstand all you can throw at them.

We've picked durable hardware that blends in instead of being an eyesore. Pieces that can be accessed with one hand because we know how imortant that other hand is.

bottom line:
we make cool products for cool parents

alex rutkay
founder + ceo

an artist, cancer survivor, philanthropist, entreprenur and most importantly- mother.

I designed this brand to help other mother's regain their confidence in style that is often lost when becoming a new parent. I don't think that who you were before children should completely disappear - it should be enhanced, enriched, reinvented. As a celebrity makeup artist for most of my career, I know how much of an impact a new lipstick has on a woman. It's the same thing with accessories. They make you hold your head a little higher, feel a little cooler, a little more like your ideal self. I can't wait to bring more products to market that enhance and liven up the parenting space- it needs it.

Thank you for being on this journey with my and for using and loving the products we design.


yours in motherhood and beyond,





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