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Article: the ultimate citymouse™ baby/kid MUST HAVE LIST

the ultimate citymouse™ baby/kid MUST HAVE LIST

the ultimate citymouse™ baby/kid MUST HAVE LIST

Let me preface this list by saying that I am not and will never be, that mom.

The- perfect neutral toned aesthetic home and baby toys, home-cooking every meal my family eats, co-sleeping- anti screen time mom. The mom who is always prepared with every single thing and then some that their child or neighbor or stranger might need.

Nope, not me.

I can appreciate those moms/parents- I really can. But in this ever-shifting journey that is motherhood I have learned who I am and who I am not. I've learned what I really need and what I definitely do not. What drives me absolutely crazy and what makes my life so much easier. ( see, reason why I designed this bag)

Over the last two years I have experienced many things that have changed my perspective (more on that here) but it has translated into how I consider other aspects of my life and especially about what is necessary in child rearing. I've discovered that less is more, items that serve a dual purpose are even better. When you live in an urban environment or are an apartment dweller your space is paramount and kid stuff takes up A LOT of space which is no bueno. 

This list is everything I actually used, the pro's and cons and nothing I didn't. Learn from my mistakes and if you're a mom who likes items that save you space, look pretty good, and function as they're meant to- read on:


The only bouncer you'll ever need:

baby bjoern bouncer

why I loved it: super comfy for baby + folds completely flat. my baby loved the activity wheel it came with. He loved bouncing in it all day! Easily transportable from room to room and takes no space- so fold flat and slide under the bed or couch! Get it in a timeless color/gray to last through the years and is gender neutral.


Stokke flexi bath with newborn insert

again, folds flat and stores perfect for one bedroom one bathroom living! doubles as toy storage when not used as a bath!


white noise, nightlight, when to wake timer!

The title says it all- you'll use this product well into your toddler years. Many assorted sleepy noises and customizable color combos all controlled from the app. We love this and have transitioned into its additional function of when to wake!


food + drink:

cups- we went between these mason jar cups which double as food storage cups and I still love and use this silicone straw cup. I like it over the other cups on the market for its ease of cleaning. A lot of straws in straw cups have to be cleaned separately but this straw opens so it can always be cleaned in the washer and you know no debris or mold will wind up inside the closed cavity.

silicone plates - these are fairly straightforward and I like these

potty training:

dread this phase no more with this amazing potty. A fellow mom introduced me to it and I have to say- it's amazing for citymoms. It folds flat so it can fit inside a backpack. It's so fast and easy to whip out when your little suddenly needs to 'go' so you'll minimize accidents. It has a small splash guard for the boys and is so lightweight and portable you can bring it any and everywhere.  

I do have to say, get the bags that go with it. On my second round ordering bags, I got cheaper, compostable bags and they just aren't as good. Not as sturdy and don't have the absorbent pad for liquid. OXO products are my favorite for babies and kids far and away.

Sometimes you're going out to eat and don't want to bring a whole back pack- but you're still potty training so enter the Jool foldable potty seat - it literally fits perfectly inside the citymouse™ bag. Perfection for restaurants or even at home- if you share one bathroom and you're not willing to put another toilet in an already small space this is the one for you. I have three of them and keep one in each bag- it's that small and compact. Comes with its own carrying case and is easily cleaned. No more gross public toilets and your kid will feel secure on it. 


that's all I have for now, check back again as I will add to this list often and update!!


*disclaimer: purchases from links to products in this blog can provide me with a small commission fee. All opinions are genuine and my own.


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You are a favorite mom, the one that rolls with it and makes it feel like ease….and all these suggestions…..brilliant


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