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artist, survivor, entrepreneur, philanthropist, mom

I've worn many hats in this lifetime but I always seem to come back to product development. I am at my very nature, a creator. I especially love creating products that make life a little easier and more fun for others so that's exactly what we did with citymouse®.
This brand fills a much needed gap in the marketplace for moms; somewhere between the corporate and the frilly items that line the shelves in popular parenting stores. I wanted something cooler, something with more edge, but most importantly- something we would all LOVE to wear and use every single day.
Parent or not.
Citymouse® was designed for city moms originally but many across the world have resonated with its simplistic, minimalistic and no fuss approach to parenting. Parenting is complicated enough, the tools that assist you shouldn't be.
Additionally, I hope you feel really good and the most 'like yourself' when you use anything from this brand. That's the end goal right? To not completely lose ourselves or the things we like about ourselves before we became parents. Instead it's my belief that we should let it enhance us, enrich us, let us show up as our truest and best selves so we can approach life and show our children confidence that radiates.
Yours in motherhood and beyond,