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Article: new CITYMOM registry musts!

new CITYMOM registry musts!

new CITYMOM registry musts!

Living in a major metropolis as a parent has its own special challenges- advantages (see museums and everything you need within a block radius), and disadvantages (no yards, no storage space!) and it means if you’re a new citymom to be,  smart registry choices are a must. 

 Below are my favorite citymom necessities, ranging from removeable placemats for gross and sticky surfaces to collapsible bathtubs and more, these items will make your life as a city parent a lot easier and more simplified!


these disposable and removeable placemats are a must for restaurants when your baby starts table feeding  the waitstaff will surely appreciate your efforts. I didn’t know they were a thing until my germaphobic bestie whipped hers out during brunch! 

This foldable and convertible play gym transitions from baby mat/mobile to a hideaway tent when your baby grows! It is as genius as it is beautiful 

The doona stroller is loved by city parents for its versatility but your baby grows out of that car seat faster than you think! I would personally opt for the uppa baby stroller/ bassinet/ mesa carseat combo with hamper stand and of course make sure you ask for the hamper inserts too - for me it’s a must have item and I think it’s a better deal!


Bathtime can be a challenge given that the majority of New Yorkers or city dwellers may only have one bathroom for the whole family. I looked for one that folded flat and could possibly serve a purpose past the baby tub years and this stoke flexi bath fit the bill perfectly. Better yet it doubles as a toy storage bin or just folds perfectly flat for under the bed/couch storage. 

For eating out (eventually) you’ll want to make sure you bring these compact suction plate set with silicone fork:spoon and mess free travel case! 

this baby Bjoern bouncer was pricey but I would buy it over and over  it folds completely flat and my son was obsessed with bouncing in it for hours.

OXO can do no wrong in my eyes and I love just about everything they make. Get yourself some of these travel wipe holders for a slim on the go option, and the larger one for on top of the changing table. It’s the best, just trust me.

And lastly grab yourself one of these portable high chairs that can strap onto any standard chair / and can sit alone in the park for snack time. The top comes off to Pop in the wash when things get messy and the straps tighten very snugly around the chair base so the babe will be nice and secure. 

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