CITYMOM must haves

I know, we are a special breed. But if you have kids and live in or near any major city, you know we spend most of our time on foot. 

Which is why I have sourced every product I absolutely love for moms + babes on the go.

Below you'll find some of my seasonal essentials, starting with FALL/WINTER or rainy and cold weather.
The remnants of hurricane Ian hitting NYC this weekend sparked this post as I was forced out of my house with a wild toddler and had to brave the elements. Here are my must haves for mom dad or nanny! 

 my favorite Amazon finds for moms: 

a must have: Stroller gloves

my absolute favorite cold/rain jacket  fleece lined - we use these in the film industry and they're a favorite:Cold weather rain coat

These Rain Boots are flimsy but comfortable and do the job in a pinch- plus they fold up super small- unlike hunter: rain boots

 Stroller hooks  are a must have for any mom that commutes with stroller. I use ours daily - for groceries and clipping our citymouse sling diaper bag to! 

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