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So I decided to make a tiktok about all of my favorite newborn minimalist essentials (yes, I am officially a tiktoker now) and I wanted to include all of the links to the products I loved so much and used when my son was a baby.

I would use all of these products again should I be lucky enough to have baby number 2!


Most of these items are again skewed toward minimalist/apartment living and designed to have life long after your baby grows out of them.



We wound up getting the UppaBaby Vista stroller and if you have one, you know how large it is. However, we live in Manhattan and our stroller is our main mode of transport. To minimize footprint and to maximize use we opted to get the bassinet stand so it would double as his bassinet stand and a hamper after we were done using it as a sleeper!  It's super chic and comes in a couple colors and I still love and use it. A plus is that it's not an eyesore! 

The bundle here comes with the stroller, carseat (we loved the mesa for newborn era!) and the bassinet. Disclaimer, we did wind up purchasing an additional bassinet because we didn't want the baby sleeping in the same one we used outside. NYC is filthy!


We went for the ergo baby 360. I know a lot of people love the artipoppe but I wasn't sure if I was going to be a baby wearing person or not so I couldn't justify the cost. My son turned out to like being in a stroller more than being held anyway so when I did baby wear- I loved it. It was super comfortable, easily washed and kept my back feeling supported.



We bought quite a number of these to my dismay so I have a drawer full of Dr. Browns, glass, plastic and comotomos. We used the comotomo bottles the most because that's just what my son liked. I liked that they were small, easily cleaned and soft. 



I mean, my son was a spitter. I did NOT opt for cute or fancy here and these were used and abused. 



Your baby lives in them. Every cute outfit I purchased or friends purchased- I was lucky to put on my kid ONCE. Anything by this company is my go to- still even at 2.5 I love their pajamas! So soft, cozy and breathable. They last and last through wash after wash. 

Kyte Baby longsleeve footed onesies

kyte baby short sleeve onesies



Oh man these are a total lifesaver. Once my son was done having his arms wrapped (we used the halo for his first few months of life until he could roll)

we switched to the nested bean. I loved it so much and he slept through the night starting at 3 months old. Bless.



Now everyone loved the stokke trip trapp but I was very partial to the 4 moms highchair. It's pricey but I still use it AND it's super comfortable and easy to clean which is a priority. It doesn't fold up so that isn't great but it's modern looking and the footprint isn't massive. 



Stokke flexi bath is great for an apartment since it folds up super small and has a newborn insert! Doubles as a toy basket when you're done using it as a bath! Lightweight, fold-up and portable = everything I love in a product!



we tried many and my son loved the MAM pacifiers the mostThey are shaped like a nipple and are entirely made of silicone



I didn't BF for long but the things I used when I did and LOVED were the spectra S2 pump and the hakka catcher (this thing is unreal!) 

I pretty much hated everything else :)


Those are my top top picks and things I wish someone would have told me to get when I was pregnancy so I am sharing hoping that it will help another mom to be narrow down her needs!

Anything I missed that you loved? Let me know in the comments!

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